Viennese Fingers

Here is a recipe I baked for a tasting session at group a few weeks ago, I thought id bake something yummy for my fellow slimmers to try. This recipe comes from “the slimming world cake lady” Facebook page – check her out shes got loads of recipes for low syn alternative to traditional cakes.

These fingers are yummy with a cup of tea and hit the spot when your craving chocolate.

Recipe Viennese fingers


100g low fat spread

25g icing sugar

150g plain flour

1tsp Vanilla essence

50g milk chocolate (optional)

Step 1Pre heat oven to 180c

Step 2 Mix icing sugar and spread together, sift in flour and mix add vanilla essence mix till all combined.

Step 3 Put mixture in to a piping bag with a star tip Pipe 24 5cm/2inch long strips on to a baking sheet

Step 4 Bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes leave to cool Melt chcocolate and cover half of the biscuit with it leave to set.

makes 24 2 syns with out chocolate 2.5 with chocolate

All though these were really yummy and fun to make, Im not sure if I will make them again… I dont think the syn value is worth the effort…

Personally I’d rather have a kitkat than 2 of these!


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