Slimming world Halloween ghost marshmallow cupcakes

So with it being Halloween and half term I thought I’d get baking.
I’ve been searching on line for the best slimming world cake recipes… Trying to find a way to eat cake and stay with in my syn quota!
I came across this diet coke cake which involved using a ready made cake mix and using diet coke instead of oil in the batter.. So I thought it was worth a go… Here’s what I did:

Take one chocolate fudge cake mix ( I couldn’t find the Betty Crocker one so I went for sainsburys own brand instead) mix in 2 eggs and 1 can of diet coke.
Pour into cupcake cases and cook for 150 on 220.
Quick and easy.
The mixture looked scarily runny compared to my normal full fat version and went very bubbly when I added the diet coke ( see pic).

The cupcakes came out okay although they seemed to deflate when I removed them from the oven which has never happened to me before…!

They tasted… Ermmm… Bland! Not very chocolatey and the mixture was mostly stuck to the case…

The only way to salvage this mess was to have a go at making syn free marshmallow frosting ghosts!

I will update you once I have attempted that! Lets hope it goes better than the cakes…!

So as promised I have now made the marshmallow frosting.
This was more of a success than the cakes but very very sweet.
It was quick and easy to make and totally syn free so worth a try I suppose.

Heat over a pan in a bowl 4 egg whites and 5 tbsp of sweetener. Whisk the mixture for 5 mins or until hot to the touch.

Place mixture into a mixer or whisk with an electric whisk until thick and shiny ( about 5 mins) and pipe on to cakes!

At 3 syns a cake I don’t think these are too bad!
What do you think?
Trick or treat? X

Ill also let you know syn values for the cake!







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