Leek and bacon creamy pasta

So it’s Friday night and I don’t know about you but I am shattered.

This is danger zone for me as when I’m tired and hungry I tend to make extremely bad decisions ( I’ve actually had to hide the dominos menu)!

So I needed something quick easy and comforting for dinner tonight.

I had some left over leeks so decide to make a lovely leek pasta dish. The thick ribbons of pasta definitely hit the spot!

Let me know what you think!

Leek and bacon parpadelle

Serves 2
2 rashers of bacon
2 leeks
Pinch of thyme leaves
Chicken stock
1 tablespoon of quark
Parpadelle pasta
Salt and pepper

1. Chop the bacon and remove the fat.
2. Add to a frying pan with fry light on a medium heat
3 while the bacon is frying chop two leeks.
4. When the bacon is browned add the leeks, season and sprinkle with thyme.
5. Reduce the heat and cover for 15 mins. Stirring occasionally.
6. After 15 mins the leeks should be juicy and soft. Add half a pint of chicken stock and bring back up to the boil
7. Put the pasta on to boil and cook according to the packet instructions
8. When the pasta is ready turn the heat off the leeks and stir in the quark.
8. Serve up the pasta pile the sauce on top!


Just an after thought… You could add mushrooms too!



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