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Yummy creamy Tzatziki!

I have a confession to make. I have a problem. When ever I sit in front of the telly I need to eat… Pre slimming world it would be a pack of Pringles and a dip selection and maybe a galaxy ( family size of course) to sweeten the deal!

Obviously I couldn’t carry on like that now I’m on my slimming world mission but I still need something to satisfy my post dinner/ Sunday afternoon sofa cravings.

So I am now on a quest to find good tasty syn free dips. I came across a recipe for Tzatziki and thought I would put my own twist on it and give it ago…!

Large pinch of cumin
Large pinch of coriander
half a cucumber
Half a pot of fat free yoghurt
3 spring onions
A clove of garlic

1. Grate the cucumber on the fine setting of a box grater.
2. Finley chop the spring onion and crush the garlic.
3. Mix all the ingredients together and season.
4. Serve with piles of chopped veg for dipping!

It certainly tastes very naughty but it is completely free… Yummy. I need this as a perminant feature in my fridge!



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