Spicy Greek chicken with herby Cous Cous

So on Thursday as slimming world it was the miss slinky awards and we were all asked to bring a dish for the buffet.
That put the fear in me as I had to find something that was tasty, impressive, suitable cold and quick to prepare after a long day at work.. But as I was slumped on the sofa surrounded by cookbooks Jamies 15 min meals came on! It was a moment of inspiration from the SlimmingWorld gods!
So I had a look at some recipes from the show and picked out the Greek chicken one.
I have adapted it slightly to be more slimming world friendly but it was really tasty easy and syn free.
I loved it so much I went and bought the book… There are loads of recipes in there that are easily adaptable to slimming world. Although I love the 15 min meals concept they take me about 30! But they are still quick and tasty!

Get it on your Christmas list now!



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