Noodle ramen soup with recipe

I’m having a terrible week! I’ve just completely lost it! I had a big weekend and now I’m ill and it’s just got worse from there! I’m only 0.5 lb away from my 2 stone award and I’m sure I’m gonna have put on! My weigh in isn’t till Thursday so going to try and have 2 good days and go to Zumba to try and bring it back!
Anyway in my bid to get back on it tonight I have made chicken ramen. I’ve blogged this one before but never the recipe (sorry)! It’s a really quick and comforting recipe…
Chicken stock
Fish sauce
Ramen noodles
Chinese veg ( green beans, peppers, peas)

Make up 2 pints of chicken stock and put in a pan to boil, add the ginger peeled and chopped and the garlic whole.
Leave to boil for five mins.
Fish out the ginger and garlic and add a tbspn of soy and fish sauce and the veg.
Boil until the veg is nearly done and add a nest of noodles.

That’s it your done! Serve with sticky chicken on the side!
Slurp away!



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