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BBQ Burgers with Bacon and homemade Coleslaw.

So after hitting zumba tonight I needed a quick easy dinner that would satisfy two hungry boys.

So Burgers it was. They are really simple to make and 100 times more satisfying than any fast food restaurant.

Now I know there are a million different theorys on the perfect burger but I like to keep mine simple and pile the toppings on top.


500g mince ( makes 4 small burgers)

1 tsp of mustard

4 Wholemeal buns ( hex a)

4 Rashers of smoked bacon – all fat removed


For the coleslaw

1 carrot

1 red cabbage

2 spring onions

All shredded

2 tbsp fat free yogurt

1 tsp white wine vinegar.

For the burgers

mix mince and mustard in a bowl and season.

Put a pan on a med – high heat.

Split the burgers in to 4 balls and squash in to burger shape.

Fry off the burgers on a high heat for 15 mins or until cooked through.

Grill the bacon and toast the buns

When the burgers are done pop the cheese on top to melt in the pan.

Pile everything together and serve.

For the coleslaw

Mix all the ingredients in the bowl and serve immediately.

Pile your burgers high with super free coleslaw, grilled mushrooms, onions and tomatoes!




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