Sunday Brunch

So after a rather heavy night out celebrating my friends birthday I managed to avoid the ,mandatory pub breakfast and gossip with the girls and hauled my self out of bed to make a slimming world friendly hang over breakfast.
My lovely boyfriend had lovingly left a pizza out from the night before so I quickly through that in the bin so it was no longer edible, and began the mission that was hangover breakfast.
I am trying to be really strict this week with my 1/3 of the plate as Super free foods as I think that makes a huge difference to my loss each week, does anyone else find that? I think it’s really easy to forget or cheat ( I’ve been known to pile my chips sky high and spread my salad out so it looks like a third)! So I ate an apple alongside this breakfast.

So I made scrambled eggs the jamie oliver way, mushrooms and grilled bacon. Syn free, slimming and yummy!
So my scrambled egg recipe is an easy way to get rich creamy eggs with out the butter I made this for two people using 4 eggs but add or take away eggs depending on how hungry you are/ how many eggs you have left in the house.

4 medium eggs
Salt and pepper

1. Place your frying pan ( yes Frying pan ) On a low to medium heat, my hob goes up to 9 and I cook them in a 3.
2. Spray the pan with fry light
3. Crack the eggs into the pan and mix immediately so they are scrambled and season.
4. Leave for a minute until a thin layer of egg is cooked on the bottom of the pan
5. Scrape this layer with a spatular and let the uncooked egg sink to the bottom
6. Continue like this until the eggs are runny but cooked

Enjoy quick, easy, syn free scrambled eggs every Sunday!

What’s your favourite slimming world friendly hang over cure?



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