Eating out – Ask Italian

So tonight I braved that dreaded situation that everyone has to face whilst on a diet… Eating out!
We went to Ask Italian and I am lucky enough to know the chef so I could make some adjustments to the menu. Although there are already many slimming world friendly options on the menu I went for the fettuccine verdure with chicken and without the olive tampinard. It was fettuccine pasta with chillies, tomatoes, peas, courgettes and mushrooms tossed in olive oil and garlic and served.
It was tasty and filling on a snowy evening!
As I am on the mission to get my 1/3 super free I had a side salad dressed in balsamic vinegar.
I think dinner came in at around 6 syns allowing for a few teaspoons of oil that it was cooked in! And with 50% off the meal and drinks cost £7 a head!



4 thoughts on “Eating out – Ask Italian

  1. They always have great offers on at ask which make the visit so much cheaper! and always great food. I love their seafood risotto, unsure what their posh name for it is however!

  2. That does look lovely but olive oil is 6 Syns per tablespoon! Even a teaspoon is 2 Syns (or one tablespoon is a Healthy Extra B choice). Having said that it’s obviously a much better choice than anything with a pizza base!

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