Lunchtime Zingy Potatoes and Pea salad

So after doing slimming world for 6 months now and somehow managing to stay in my target range so far I am officially bored of ham salad butties!
Every week day lunch time I’ve had pretty much the same routine as its quick, simple and easy to eat on the go. However after 125 sandwiches I decided its time to try something new!
Tonight I made a slimming world potato salad and it was quite quick and easy and tasty!

Bag of baby new potatoes
Small bunch of chives (chopped)
3 Spring onions (chopped)
3 inches of cucumber (grated)
Lemon juice
Fat free yoghurt
Two handfuls of peas

1. Chop the potatoes in half and boil until cooked add the peas 3 mins before the end and cook them off too.
2. Cool the potatoes and add 6 tablespoons of yoghurt, a squeeze of lemon juice and the cucumber chives and onions.
3. Season to taste

Simple quick and tasty!



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